Need for human transformation

Do not get me wrong, I’m not saying humans need to transform themself even more while nobody seems clear about the next move the digital transformation is taking. This would obviously make no sense. We rather need to step back a little. Back to the time or at least the moments where we were not under constant digital influence before we can undertake any honest and sustainable transformation.

So what does this means?

First of all we need to be clear about the world we are living in and about the short and long term effects the digitalization is bringing. Considering w/o passion what our lives were looking like before and after the Smartphone and always-on communication with ereverybody. How was feeling the moments in the café when you had no cellphone…

On this very topic I would recommend Sinek, a great speaker:


Secondly we will have to have a vision. This is maybe the trickiest think today while everybody seems subject to transformational fear and most of time choose to run into even more transformation in order to feel like “in top of it” or “having things under control”. But unfortunately, without a vision we will not control anything. Especially when algorithms and AI are already part of our daily life and deciding a lot of things on our behalf (most of time without us knowing about it).

A good exercise to develop a vision is to check what we definitely do not want to see happening. Again without passion. We do not want a car to decide by itself to rather kill this one or another when an accident is unavoidable. We do not want social scoring, we do not want killer-robots, we do not want algorithm to match people to build a family, right? Well, the issue is all this happens already so feel free to brainstorm beyond!

The third idea is to think from scratch (or remember) what make us human. Small talks, love, misunderstandings, culture, social skills… The priorities doesn’t  matters, they are probably different for each of us. And this is another important point: every one is different, no one has the same body, feeling, skills…

Makes sense so far?

OK, now we have done our homework by doing a big step back. Now we can try a steady step forward: imagining transformation at human scale.  A transformation that is not making all of us staring into our smartphones while we are sitting with friends and colleagues, a transformation that has values defined by us not by any addiction or by some uncontrolled transformation itself.

Once I had a café in Paris, just a simple bar with some trendy music and a very funny cultural mix… today I would probably propose locks for smartphones in the entry. A way of offering a digital-free space… I’m sure today that would be a great success.

How about your transformational project?